Blue Mountains

I’ve been dying to go to Blue Mountains. I didn’t have reason, as I’m not really a mountain person at all. It was just that great escape from seaside and big city, into a small scary village where the air was perfectly clean. Waking up in a morning, having breakfast in a cottage and hiking all day long. With my favourite person. With him, I’m not scared, not scared of heights and I’m very grateful for that. Ta ❤️


As you know, we are in the middle of winter. That means whoever doesn’t have a heater in a room is pretty much fucked. You wake up in a morning and its 8 degrees. It can go up to 18 and as sun is very strong , you can wear a tee and you’re all right. But after 4, its very painful. Especially when you live next to the sea and you’re not really good dealing with cold. But what is great news, it only lasts three months and hooray we are hopefully going to have beautiful spring in September!






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